The advantages and disadvantages of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is the process of cutting various materials with a special cutter that uses a high-pressure jet stream of water. The waterjet cutter, which is often mixed with other abrasive particles, simply speeds up the natural erosion process many times over.

The benefits of waterjet cutting

It uses “green technology”: The waterjet cutter produces no hazardous waste and, with a small kerf, it also improves scrap metal recyclability. In addition, the cutter uses very little water due to a closed-looped system.

It cuts almost any material: When compared to other cutters, the waterjet cutter can handle practically any material or product that a traditional cutter can. In addition, a waterjet can cut through traditional tough materials such as bullet-proof glass, stone, metals, and even materials with reflective or uneven surfaces.

It uses less heat: Because waterjet cutters do not overheat the areas adjacent to the cutting space, these pieces remain intact and undamaged.

It is extremely accurate: Waterjet cutters can achieve 0.13 mm accuracy and can make very intricate cuts or 3-D shapes.

The disadvantages of waterjet cutting

Cutting time: While the waterjet cutter can cut most of the same materials as a traditional cutter, it frequently takes longer. As a result, more cutting time equals less output.

Orifice failure: Poorly made waterjet cavities tend to break down and disrupt cutting, resulting in lost time and productivity.

Greater thickness, lower accuracy: The thicker the material, the further away the stream is from the nozzle at the point of impact. As a result, a less consistent waterjet impact alters the cutting accuracy from top to bottom. Often, the jet will spread and make a diagonal cut rather than a straight up-and-down cut.

Starting costs: The initial setup, sourcing, and implementing additional abrasive materials like granite to increase the cutter’s efficacy can be very expensive compared to a simple plasma cutter.

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