Cutting stainless steel

Stainless steel sheets may be used for various practical and helpful applications. It is used to make hundreds of miscellaneous goods, such as cars, fences, plate armour, and roofing. Stainless steel is typically purchased in rectangles of various sizes and must be cut to the necessary proportions before being used in fabrication. These are the most common methods to cut stainless steel.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutters work by mixing a high-speed, high-pressure jet of water with an abrasive material. It mimics natural water erosion but is more concentrated and faster. It is environmentally beneficial since there is no hazardous waste, and it consumes very little water because it is recycled through a closed-loop system. Waterjet cutters can cut through various materials, including rubber, plastic, foam, metals, and stones. This method is very effective at cutting stainless steel.

Laser cutters

Laser cutting is exact and computer-controlled. This allows for the easy handling of very fine cutting detail. Laser cutting machines use a gas laser created by combining CO2 and other gases like nitrogen and helium. If you require intricate stainless steel cutting, a laser cutter is an excellent choice.

Plasma cutters

This stainless steel cutting method uses a stable gas and occasionally compressed air driven at high speeds out of a nozzle. In addition, an electrical arc is formed through the gas, converting some of the gas to plasma. This plasma is hot enough to melt the cut and fast enough to blast the molten metal away from the cut.

Circular saws

Modern circular saws can cut stainless steel sheets without using any heat or coolant. They are available in various sizes for a range of steel thicknesses.

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