Common uses for waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is one of the most versatile forms of precision machining available today. It can be used for a variety of applications and processes that include cutting, shaping, sizing, drilling, and much more.

Aerospace industry

The Aerospace industry is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and operating a variety of aircraft, including rockets and spacecraft. Abrasive Waterjet cutting is used in the aerospace industry for cutting various materials such as brass, aluminium, and titanium, among others. Waterjet cutting is used to make components for engines, wing sections, landing gear, brake components and turbine blades to name just a few. As there are no heat-affected zones in waterjet cutting, there’s no risk of microscopic cracks or warping that could cause the part to fail down the line. Waterjet cutting leaves an exceptional edge quality and works for items up to 200 mm thick.

Automotive industry

Waterjet cutting has been used in the automotive industry for many years since it is easy to integrate with robotic systems. Water-only cutting that has abrasive produces minimal material waste and no mess, making it the preferred tool for the precision cutting of interior carpets, insulation, and head linings. Waterjet cutting doesn’t create mechanical stress and increases productivity.

Medical industry

Thanks to the distinct levels of precision and value Waterjet cutting offers, it is key for creating various medical parts. Waterjet cutting is fast, precise, and consistent, and is capable of cutting highly complex designs from thick and thin materials including metal alloys and non-metal material. Waterjet cutting equipment also produces cuts that are free of imperfections. Key medical devices that can be manufactured through Waterjet cutting are used in orthopaedic care for joint reconstruction, spinal fusion and more.

Waterjet cutting experts

Vest Profiling specialises in waterjet CNC cutting, which uses digital technology to process designs with extreme accuracy and efficiency. Our extremely high-pressure Waterjet cutting machines create items with pinpoint accuracy across various types of material. Our team of highly skilled engineers will consult with you on standard or custom designs. Contact us today to discuss how we can reverse engineer a solution for you.

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